Egg Rolls: A Unique Easter Celebration in the UK

Introduction to Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is a cherished Easter tradition in the UK that has been enjoyed by families for generations. Rolling painted eggs down grassy hills symbolizes the rolling away of the stone from Jesus Christ’s tomb, connecting the event with the religious significance of Easter.

History of Egg Rolling in the UK

Egg rolling in the UK has historical roots that date back centuries. It’s a tradition steeped in the celebration of spring, renewal, and the religious underpinnings of the Easter holiday.

Significance of Eggs in Easter

Eggs have always been emblematic of new life and rebirth, which is central to the meaning of Easter. The tradition of egg rolling brings a fun, communal aspect to these symbolic meanings.

Preparing for the Egg Roll

Choosing the Perfect Egg

The preparation for the egg roll starts with choosing the perfect egg. Traditionally, hard-boiled eggs are used, but wooden or chocolate eggs can also be a fun alternative.

Decorating the Eggs

Decorating the eggs is a beloved part of the preparation. Families often spend time together painting and decorating eggs in vibrant colors and patterns.

The Traditional Egg Roll Route

Every community or family might have their favorite hill for the egg roll. The traditional route is often a well-known local hill with a gentle slope.

The Day of the Egg Roll

The Excitement Before the Roll

The atmosphere on the day is electric. Children and adults alike gather at the top of the hill, their decorated eggs at the ready.

The Roll

The moment of the roll is filled with excitement and cheers as eggs tumble down the hill, with participants hoping their egg makes it to the bottom uncracked.

Celebrations Post-Roll

The event often concludes with celebrations, picnics, and sometimes prize-givings for the eggs that survived the roll unscathed or were particularly well-decorated.

Variations in Egg Rolling Traditions

Regional Differences

Across the UK, different regions have their own unique twists on the egg rolling tradition, showcasing the diverse cultural tapestry of the country.

Modern Twists

In recent years, some modern twists have been added to the tradition, including digital egg rolls or charity fundraising events linked to the egg roll.


The tradition of egg rolling is a unique and joyous way to celebrate Easter in the UK. It encapsulates a sense of community, historical continuity, and the playful spirit of the holiday.


  1. What is the significance of egg rolling?
    • Egg rolling symbolizes the rolling away of the stone from Jesus Christ’s tomb, connecting to the religious significance of Easter.
  2. How do you prepare for an egg roll?
    • Preparation involves choosing and decorating eggs, and selecting a suitable hill for rolling.
  3. Are there variations in egg rolling traditions?
    • Yes, different regions have unique twists and modern variations include digital egg rolls or charity fundraising events.
  4. Can you use alternative types of eggs for the roll?
    • Yes, besides hard-boiled eggs, wooden or chocolate eggs can also be used.
  5. What happens after the egg roll?
    • Celebrations often include picnics, prize-givings, and spending time with family and community.

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