Easter 2024 Australia School Holidays: Dates, Activities, and Making the Most of the Break

As the warm hues of autumn begin to paint the Australian landscape, Easter 2024 Australia approaches, bringing with it the much-anticipated school holidays. For many families, this period is not just about the religious significance of Easter but also about spending quality time together, exploring new places, and indulging in fun activities. With Easter Sunday falling on March 31st 2024, let’s delve into how Australians can make the most of this school break.

Determining the School Holiday Dates

How School Holiday Dates Are Set

In Australia, school holiday dates are typically determined by individual state and territory education departments. While there’s a general alignment, slight variations can occur.

Specific Dates for Easter 2024 School Holidays

While the exact dates might vary slightly across states, most territories will observe the school holidays from late March to mid-April, encompassing both the Easter and ANZAC Day commemorations.

Activities and Events During the Easter School Holidays

Popular Events During the Break

From the vibrant Easter festivals in Sydney to the serene sunrise services in coastal towns, Australia comes alive with events. Families can also look forward to Easter markets, carnivals, and community egg hunts.

Special Easter-Themed Events

Regions like Melbourne often host Easter egg hunts in botanical gardens, while cities like Brisbane might have river festivals with fireworks, celebrating the spirit of Easter.

Family Getaways: Popular Destinations

Coastal Retreats

The Gold Coast beckons with its shimmering beaches, Byron Bay offers a more laid-back vibe, and the Great Ocean Road promises a scenic drive like no other.

Countryside Escapes

For those seeking tranquillity, the misty Blue Mountains, the vineyards of Margaret River, or the rustic charm of the Barossa Valley are perfect.

City Breaks

Explore the bustling streets of Sydney, the cultural hubs of Melbourne, or the riverfront of Brisbane. Each city offers a unique blend of activities during the Easter break.

Educational and Fun Day Outings

Museums and Cultural Centres

Institutions often curate special Easter programs. Whether it’s the National Gallery in Canberra or the Melbourne Museum, there’s a blend of fun and learning awaiting families.

Wildlife Parks and Zoos

Meet the Easter Bilby in places like Taronga Zoo or witness Easter-themed animal shows, making the holiday both entertaining and educational.

Science Centres and Planetariums

With interactive exhibits and workshops, places like the Brisbane Planetarium or Questacon in Canberra offer a universe of knowledge for curious minds.

DIY Activities at Home

Crafting Sessions

From making Easter decorations to creating handmade cards, families can bond over DIY crafts.

Baking and Cooking

The aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns, or the joy of making chocolate eggs at home, adds a personal touch to the celebrations.

Garden Activities

Organize family Easter egg hunts in the backyard, or perhaps plant a tree, making Easter 2024 memorable and green.

Easter Camps and Workshops

Overview of Special Camps

Many organizations offer camps during the school holidays, ranging from adventure camps to art workshops.

Workshops for Kids

Whether it’s a pottery class, a sports clinic, or a coding workshop, there’s a plethora of options for kids to explore and learn.

Benefits of Structured Holiday Programs

Such programs not only keep kids engaged but also help them learn new skills, make friends, and discover new passions.

Balancing Fun and Learning

Engaging in Educational Activities

While holidays are for relaxation, integrating fun learning through apps like ABCmouse or Reading Eggs can be beneficial.

Encouraging Reading

Introduce kids to Easter and spring-themed books. Reading not only enhances knowledge but also sparks imagination.

Preparing for the School Term Ahead

Study Schedules

Set aside some time for any holiday homework, ensuring a balance between relaxation and academics.

Shopping for School

Post-Easter sales can be a good time to stock up on school supplies, uniforms, and essentials for the upcoming term.

Transitioning Back to Routine

Gradually adjusting bedtimes and setting routines can make the shift from holidays to school smoother.

Safety and Well-being During the Holidays

Safety First

Whether it’s outdoor activities or travel, ensuring kids’ safety is paramount. Equip them with necessary safety gear and keep a watchful eye.

Importance of Routines

While holidays are a break from routine, maintaining regular meal and sleep times ensures kids are well-rested.

Mental Well-being

Ensure the holidays are stress-free. Introduce kids to mindfulness exercises or simple meditation techniques to enhance their mental well-being.


Easter 2024 school holidays in Australia present a canvas of opportunities. From exploring the vastness of the country to cozy family times at home, it’s a period of rejuvenation. As we reflect on the blend of relaxation, adventure, and learning these holidays offer, it’s evident that with a bit of planning, they can be both memorable and enriching. So, here’s to making the most of the Easter break, cherishing moments, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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